1. Curious about a reverse mortgage? Here are some things you should know…

    Working with many seniors I find that they all have one primary concern: where am I going to get money??  The money for groceries, for home improvements, money for bills, money for insurance , etc.  And they all seem to ask: "What do you know about a reverse mortgage"? Long and Short: It allows yo…Read More

  2. Why do my Medicare Premiums keep going up?!?!?!

    As you are well aware, premiums go up every year with Medicare supplements. It's inevitable!  Or is it? 99.99% of all carriers have age increases. One exception being AARP/United Healthcare- however, (historically AARP/UHC has had higher premium hikes than many others). The other component is premi…Read More

  3. What does it mean to be secure?

    We all struggle with security/insecurity . Personally, I worry about what others think of me. Did I say something wrong? Why am I "weird"? What does "quirky" mean? Is "quirky" a good thing?  (Okay, I might have just revealed a little too much;-) ) I worry about where I will be in 1 year, or 5 …Read More

  4. 2021 Tax Facts- What you need to know

    2020 was crazy. Let's get on with our lives this year. I am sure we will hit a few hurdles. But we hit the bottom last year so I can't imagine it getting it much. 2020 brought seismic changes to our lives Congress has made significant changes changes this year, and if they are made retroactive to th…Read More

  5. Understanding Index Annuities’ Crediting Options

    Avoid the turbulent water of the market with smooth sailing with an Index Annuity. Let's face it, Index Annuities can be confusing to say the least.  In sum, index annuities provide you with upside potential with protection from losses in the market. As you near retirement, the possibility of a mar…Read More

  6. 5 Reasons to Consider an Annuity in your Retirement Portfolio

    5 Reasons to Consider an Annuity in your Retirement Portfolio When people think the word “annuity”, they think of something that will lock their money up indefinitely and the only way that they will have access is through a series of periodic payments.  While this can be one way an annuity oper…Read More

  7. What goes up, doesn’t have to go down!

    Why do you have to lose?  You don't! Do you ever wish you could only reap when the market makes money, without having to participate in down risk? Index Annuities allow you to achieve such strategy! First and Foremost, Equity-Indexed Annuities are not to compete with market returns.  Over the long…Read More