1. DC Physician Indicted for Almost $13M in Medicare Fraud

    I believe much of the problem with escalating medical costs and Medicare abuse falls on the physician's greed and self-justification of his actions A physician who has a practice in the District of Columbia has been charged with participation in an alleged $12.7 million healthcare fraud scheme that…Read More

  2. So are annuities a good investment? If you are buying them for the right reasons, they can be…

    Are annuities a good investment? If you are buying them for the right reasons, they can be. You can buy annuities for safety, long-term growth, or for income. For example, a fixed annuity might make an attractive alternative to a CD, a variable annuity might be bought for long-term, tax-deferred gr…Read More

  3. Do you have CDs?  Do you want more interest with no risk? Call us Today!

      Call Us Today! (855) 664-5660, (828) 513-5045     We have access to the highest guaranteed fixed interest rates that we offer and allows your client to customize the product to best fit his or her needs. It's a single premium Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity series with a 2- and 5-year…Read More

  4. Brain Aneurysm Education

    First:  I am not a medical doctor nor should this be taken as medical advise.   What is a brain aneurysm? A brain aneurysm is a weak or thin spot on a blood vessel wall in the brain that balloons out and fills with blood. Often this wall is weakened by disease, injury or an abnormality present at…Read More

  5. Asset Based Long Term Care insurance VS Traditional Long Term Care insurance

    As you are beginning to probably realize that one product that I believe in most is Long Term Care insurance.  Reason being, I have witnessed first hand the devastating effects that not having it can have on someone and the ripple effect that is passed down to children (and even grandchildren).  I…Read More

  6. Long Term Care explained by Beau D Singletary

    In the many years of speaking to retirees and pre-retirees, I have learned that there are a handful of topics that will more than likely come up. One is the long-term viability of Social Security; I try not to delve too much into this one as it is a total crap shoot, but the question does come up. …Read More