This graph paints a grim reality. There is a 50/50 Chance you will need Long Term Care during your life time! That said, the graph illustrates the average lengths of time by demographic
A 50-50 likelihood you’ll use your policy is enormously high. That’s part of the reason long term care insurance is costly. If you have owned a home for years … have you ever used your homeowner’s insurance? If you have car insurance … do you get into a big accident every two years (I hope not). Long term care is a real risk and the likelihood you’ll use this coverage is very high. Is it a smart financial move? With as much as a 50-50 risk, you have to admit it is well worth looking into this important protection.
I truly believe an educated individual is far more likely to understand the risk and act by getting some long-term care insurance protection in place.
Once you understand you have a risk, the smartest move you can make is deciding how you will handle it. Long-term care insurance requires that you apply when you are in good health.
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Beau Singletary