The two major fears that American seniors face when ask are number one. Outliving their income followed closely by the concerns of having resources to pay for Long term care in the event of a catastrophic illness. Recently 75 percent of seniors polled had either experienced caring for an aging parent or had a sibling or relative do so. When ask nearly all felt that they needed to plan for care if needed and didn’t want to burden family with this issue. Furthermore, most were concerned about protecting their children’s’ inheritance. Many feel that Long term care insurance was unaffordable, but this could be farther from the truth. With all the new products we have to offer this concern can be eliminated. At Laurel we can provide a personalized plan to meet almost any financial plan.   The Long-Term Care insurance landscape has changed dramatically since the 1980s.  Asset Based LTCi is not a “real” cost to you; it is merely a repositioning of assets (Both non-qualified and IRA assets). Life insurance with LTCi is just that; Life insurance that has a death benefit as well as a LTCi benefit. Traditional Long-Term Care: if you don’t use it, you lose it.  With Asset Based and Life insurance with LTCi, you or your beneficiaries are receiving benefits in one of the following ways: 1) Long Term Care Benefits; 2) Death Benefit; 3) Guaranteed Cash Value growth of roughly 3%; 4) Full Return of Premium if surrendered.  Call us today! Beau Singletary in NC, GA, SC, OH, TX, AL, FL, CO, NJ, IN, MO at (828) 513-5045 or Steve Murr in TN or KY