There are many reasons to consider adding Allianz 222 Annuity and its built-in Protected Income Value (PIV) rider to your retirement portfolio.

Because it’s a fixed index annuity (FIA), Allianz 222 offers traditional FIA benefits such as principal and credited interest protection from market downturns, tax deferral, and potential indexed interest based on changes in an external index.

Allianz 222 goes further by offering additional benefits, including two ways for you to get a bonus on your Protected Income Value (PIV), two ways for your beneficiaries to receive their death benefit, and two ways for you to receive income increases.

Let’s take a closer look at one of those opportunities to receive income increases – the Allianz Income Multiplier Benefit

When you are ready to begin income withdrawals (any time after 10 contract years) on your Allianz
222 Protected Income Value, you can access it in the form of payments that last as long you live. After your lifetime withdrawals begin, your income payments will have the opportunity to increase2 following each year your allocations earn interest. In addition to this opportunity, the Allianz Income Multiplier Benefit

– which is part of the PIV rider – can increase your income to help pay for care if you should need it.

Double your income withdrawals when you may need them most.

With the Allianz Income Multiplier Benefit, you can withdraw double your annual maximum income payments. And we give you two ways to qualify.